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About Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is a smart contract platform that enables developers to build decentralized applications (DApps) on its blockchain. Ether (ETH) is the native digital currency of the Ethereum platform. Ethereum is supported in part by the Ethereum Foundation, a non-profit that is part of the larger Ethereum ecosystem including enterprise Ethereum consortiums like the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance.

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How to Buy Ethereum In India


Create a free account on the NeoFi Website or the App

Create a NeoFi account on NeoFi's website or on the NeoFi app by following the shown. After successful registration, complete the KYC section in order to activate your account. Once the KYC is completed and verified, you are good to start buying Ethereum on NeoFi.


Recharge Your NeoFi Wallet

You can recharge your NeoFi wallet using UPI, Bank Account Transfer, and IMPS. Simply go to Wallet and click on Deposit. Choose the amount you want to recharge your wallet with and select the payment method. Once the payment is successful, the amount will be credited to your NeoFi wallet.

Tip: Use IMPS when using Bank Account Transfers to deposit money to your NeoFi wallet. This will ensure that your money is deposited instantly to your NeoFi wallet.


Purchase your first Ethereum (ETH) on NeoFi

Once your NeoFi wallet is recharged, you can start buying Ethereum. Go to the Buy/Sell section and select Ethereum. Choose the amount you want to buy and click on Buy. Once the payment is successful, the Ethereum will be credited to your NeoFi wallet instantly. You can check your Ethereum balance in the Wallet section.

Next Steps: You can now start trading Ethereum on NeoFi. You can also hold Ethereum in your NeoFi wallet and earn interest on it (coming soon).

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FAQ - Other Questions About Ethereum

Is Ethereum legal in India ?

Buying, Selling, Investing, Transferring and Holding Ethereum is legal in India However, it does not have a legal tender status. This means that Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies can not be used to settle debts in exchange for any type of goods or services. Cryptocurrency is taxed under the category of virtual digital assets.

What is the Minimum purchase amount needed to buy Ethereum in India?

On the NeoFi platform, the minimum purchase amount for buying Ethereum is INR 1000. However, this can change, and please go to the Ethereum trading page to know the latest amounts.

What is the future of crypto trading in India?

Since 2020, Crores of Indians have invested in cryptocurrencies, and with the number going up every day. Indians look excited for the crypto revolution. The government is also actively trying to set up a regulatory framework for its smooth functioning, the recent MCA amendment being the first step.

Can I directly buy Ethereum In India?

Yes, you can directly buy Ethereum in India on the NeoFi platform. Simply, register for NeoFi, top up your wallet, and buy your first Ethereum.

How to buy cryptocurrencies in india?

Using Neofi you can buy more than 100+ cryptocurrencies in India. NeoFi has simplified crypto buying, selling and investing for Indians, and you can begin trading in crypto with just ₹100. You can also earn rewards for buying crypto through NeoFi.

Can I convert Ethereum to Cash in India?

Yes, you can convert Ethereum to cash on the NeoFi platform. To do this, simply go to the trading page, choose Sell Ethereum, Enter the amount you want to see and click sell. The selling is instantaneous.

How to Earn Ethereum In India?

NeoFi allows you to earn free Ethereum (and other cryptocurrencies) by taking part in referrals. Simply, refer NeoFi to your friends, and you get their trading fee as Ethereum whenever they trade. Additionally, if your referral trades over a certain amount, you will receive an additional bonus.

Why is NeoFi the best crypto trading platform in India?

Unlike other crypto exchanges, Neofi pools liquidity from leading crypto exchanges globally to enable users to trade in cryptos at the best rate. Additionally, NeoFi platform features 24/7 customer support, and robust security for your assets.